Olexiy Borisov took Open Russian Cup

26 September 2008

On September, 19 Open Russian National Finn Championship has came to the end. 

This now traditional regatta has collected 44 finnesters from 12 regions of Russia and guests from Ukraine, including 11 Juniors and 19 Masters. Such famous Russian finn sailors as Oleg Khoperskiy, Viktor Potapov, Victor Kozlov and other strong finnesters of previous times kindly joined us and have shown their master class to other sportsmen during the tuff struggle for founded in this year Russian Masters Cup.

Moscow sailing school has kindly provided modern boats and masts for most of participants, so nobody felt itself fare behind by speed, and it was the real competition of sailors.

During 5 racing days the Racing Commette has managed to carry out 11 races and one Masters race. The weather have awarded the sportsmen by good and various wind conditions from very light up to 8-10 knots. So the competitors could check themselves in different circumstances with many shifts and tuff wind pattern at the lake conditions. Fortunately, there was not raining through whole regatta. Although it was a little bit cold (6-10 degrees C above zero), it helped to avoid extra charter ships and scooters at the racing area.


Whole regatta was going under strong competition of Eduard Skornyakov, European Champion 2007, Ukraine sportsman Olexiy Borisov and one of Russian strongest Lazer sailors – Maxim Semerkhanov.

Eduard Skornyakov has taken good start at the regatta and was a leader during first races of the Championship. But later he has skipped races #8 and 9, and was hardly treated by nearest young competitors during the next race, so that he has lost chance to win the regatta. Finally Olexiy Borisov took first line of the rating, followed by Maxim Semerkhanov just in one point. Third line of the championship has been occupied by strong junior from Chelyabinsk – Konstantin Besputin. He has became a champion of Russian Junior Championship 2008, followed by Sergey Komissarov (Bronze at Silver Cup 2007) and Egor Larionov.


Year 2008 has became famous for Russian finnesters since Moscow Finn Association has established Open Russian Masters Cup this year. Mikhail Apukhtin, which was a winner and prize of many international regattas in Finn and Russian Champion in 1992 and 1993 in Finn class, became first owner of Open Russian Masters Cup. First place in Grand-Masters grade was taken by Sergey Zabotin, while Victor Potapov (Bronze in 1972 Olympic Games) won in Grand-Grand-Masters grade.


In order to let Masters to show their struggle without any hesitation to agitate young sailors to fight for place at the national team, a special separate Masters race was arranged, where young sportsmen were not allowed to participate. This race was won by Felix Denikaev from Moscow Finn Association.


In general the Championship was organized at high level with strong jury, measurement control by certified international Finn measurer and even with total doping control, which was applied to masters as well.

Everything was done for participants and guests to feel unique atmosphere of Finn community: everybody have received a booklet with history of Finn class in the World and in Russia, there were organized special seminars, devoted to World Masters 2008, Europeans 2008, Olympic Games. All active and famous finnesters were awarded by special prizes with their names on it.

 Finally the championship has shown a real strong aтв good competition and has become a very good promoting event for Finn class in Russia as well.

We do hope to continue this good tradition and invite everybody to join Open Russian next year!


Official web-site of the regatta http://www.finnclass.ru 

Добро пожаловать, Гость!

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